Dog in kennel. Learn to say no to your dog.

Saying No to Your Dog

I’m going to go out on a limb (I’ll probably catch some heat for this, which is okay because the message is important) and say that one of the smallest,

Apollo enjoying life after dog training

Running Out of Chances

Some dogs come to me with one last chance. Apollo was one of those dogs. His owners couldn’t get a moment’s peace ever. His two most recent incidents included breaking

Too Much Affection Can Ruin a Dog

Sometimes in life we get the dog we need, not the dog we want.  Some dogs can handle affection, but for others, too much will create a monster. Too much

Biting Dogs Can Change Right?

Don’t try to make your unpredictable dog something she is not.  I often hear stories about dogs who used to be sweet, but “suddenly” turned into aggressive monsters.  People understandably

New Puppy & Senior Dog Interaction

When you bring home a puppy and you already have another dog (esepcially a senior), there are some things you need to know. First, your senior has earned his/her stripes,

Resource Guarding Solved

Resource guarding usually happens over people, toys and food.  Even after training, do not expect the dog to stop this behavior without your involvement.  You have to stop the behavior by first

Don’t Blame the Dog Trainer!

Working with a dog trainer is a 2 way street.  When your dog comes home from training, it will have skills—there’s no doubt about it! The KEY to your success is