Running Out of Chances

Apollo enjoying life after dog training

Some dogs come to me with one last chance. Apollo was one of those dogs. His owners couldn’t get a moment’s peace ever. His two most recent incidents included breaking out of his house to attack a dog, and in another incident, eating raisin candy (raisins are toxic and lethal to dogs), which landed him in the hospital for several days. He was called the “million dollar dog” because he’s cost the owners so much money over the years.

Fast forward to Apollo’s graduation from my program, and his owner told me that she can actually walk him in her neighborhood for the first time ever!! She said, “I’m just so relieved to finally know what to do with him. To be able to enjoy life with him but not to have him be in control. And I’m happy that he now has a job to do! My house has less chaos now and I’m forever grateful!” Godspeed and good luck to Apollo and his dedicated owners!

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