Charlie the Chocolate Lab Rescue from East Coventry wanted to eat the family cat

March 20, 2018

Charlie the Chocolate Lab Rescue from East Coventry wanted to eat the family cat

Charlie had only been in his new home for a couple of weeks, and the family cat had already had to relocate to the basement where she felt safe.  If she even showed her face, he would give chase.  Now after just 3 private lessons, “Charlie understands that the cat is a family member, too, and they both coexist without the cat having a care in the world.  Thank you for all of your awesome work with our dog.  He knows what we want from him, is well mannered when people come over and listens to us.”

Melissa and Nate, East Coventry

Cooper the Great Dane pup from Schwenksville, PA is off to a great start!

February 24, 2018

Cooper the Great Dane pup from Schwenksville, PA is off to a great start!

“From the beginning, Tina was amazing! She was there to answer every question we had before Cooper’s board and train. While he was there, she kept us up-to-date with daily video posts (most times more than once. She gave us the tools we needed to help our puppy! It’s amazing the results we have after 1 week! Thank you so much Tina!”

Jenn from Schwenskville, PA

Freddy the Terrier mixed mutt from Royersford is no longer biting mailmen!

January 24, 2018

Freddy the Terrier mixed mutt from Royersford is no longer biting mailmen!

“Grateful for amazing progress in helping our beloved mutt. He learned great impulse control and is continuing to make progress even now that he is home!  I had him on a structured walk the other day when two dogs came bounding off their front porch onto the sidewalk. One went nose to nose with Freddy and decided to pick a fight but Freddy handled himself with dignity.  The videos also helped greatly with our training and seeing what our mutt was doing. Being away was very hard but seeing his progress and training was extremely helpful.”

Keith and Barbara E. Royersford, PA

Biggee the Rottweiler is the perfect family dog and he loves our newborn baby!

January 21, 2018

Biggee the Rottweiler is the perfect family dog and he loves our newborn baby!

“We wanted to give you an update on Biggee. We brought our new baby home on Sunday and Biggee has been amazing with her. He’s been attentive but gentle and checks up on the baby whenever he passes her bassinet or he hears her cry. He never invades her bubble and he has been nothing but loving towards her. We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. If it wasn’t for the time you spent with him, we’re not sure he would have adjusted as quickly and smoothly as he has. Thank you for turning Biggee into the perfect family dog.”

Amanda & Dave

Gibson the Lab mix rescue dog from Collegeville has become a great family dog!

December 20, 2017

Gibson the Lab mix rescue dog from Collegeville has become a great family dog!

“Tina is an excellent trainer and worked so hard with Gibson. We highly recommend Stat K9 training. Tina was so informative and helpful, from our first conversation…and continues to assist clients when she brings the dogs home.  Gibson has learned manners and skills he needed to become a great family dog. We thank Tina for her diligent training with our dog –and us as well.  Thank you Tina and Stat K9   Training!”

Sue and Norm H.  Collegeville, PA

Mowgli the Shiba Shepherd mix from Philly is respectful of his owners and now walks nice on leash

November 27, 2017

Mowgli the Shiba Shepherd mix from Philly is respectful of his owners and now walks nice on leash

Mowgli came to STAT K9 Training with a muzzle on and with a nasty resource guarding problem, serious leash reactivity and a bad attitude, but things got better for him and his owners.  “Tina took in my rescue mutt for a three week board and train program this past month. Since rescuing him, he was leash reactive, full of energy, had no off switch and wasn’t the best with other dogs. He always tested our limits! Mowgli came home today and the changes in him and his attitude are amazing. He is a changed doggy! Our boy now knows how to walk on a leash, with slack AND while being in view of other dogs. He sits on place when we ask. He doesn’t trip us running up and down the stairs. Looks to us for guidance and follows our direction. No more dominant dog here! I am now feeling the joys of being a dog owner and it’s all thanks to Tina and STAT K9 Training!”

Jill from Philadelphia

Louie the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy learned mad skills and also kept his charming personality

November 10, 2017

Louie the Lagotto Romagnolo puppy learned mad skills and also kept his charming personality

“After a significant amount of research into opportunities for training help with our Lagotto Romagnolo (Louie) we chose STAT K9 Training. Louie (only a puppy at 9 months old) had developed some very bad habits which included: stealing anything he could reach (dish towels, laundry, jackets), counter surfing and begging for food, picking up rocks outside and refusing to relinquish them, and other disruptive behaviors like poor leash walking skills). Our desire was to have Louie behave without breaking him of being a loveable puppy. We chose the two week board and train with Tina (STAT K9 Training). We are extremely happy with the results. Tina’s communication with the owners through her Facebook page and email (through Louie’s training period) was excellent. It was fun to watch his daily progress in his skills. Tina provides support at her facility and the owner’s home, and she answers all email questions promptly. We highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for a training opportunity for their dog.”

Lisa M. Blue Bell, PA

Brody the Boxer rescue from Harleysville is now besties with the family cat!

November 2, 2017

Brody the Boxer rescue from Harleysville is now besties with the family cat!

Brody and the cat used to be arch enemies, but that was before board and training.  Now they are friends and his owners (and the cat) have peace of mind knowing he is not going to go after and harm her.  He also no longer fence fights with the neighbor’s dog and knows how to be calm inside.  Great work Brody!

Gus the French Bulldog from King of Prussia is a changed pup!

November 1, 2018

Gus the French Bulldog from King of Prussia is a changed pup!

“I highly recommend STAT K9 Training. Tina worked with my 5-month old French Bulldog (Gus), and she made a lot of progress with him in one week. She helped him conquer his fear of thresholds and stairs, learn to walk well on a leash, sit, and place. Since then he has been doing well.  Continued practice is key. I started to dial back on the e-collar, but recently I noticed I need to start working with it more. Tina communicates frequently during the process and is super responsive post training. I felt confident in her approach and completely trusted her with my baby. Thank you Tina!”

Courtney, King of Prussia, PA

Jaxon the German Shorthaired Pointer finally learns to walk like a gentleman

September 29, 2017

Jaxon the GSP from Douglassville, PA was one of the most challenging dogs to walk in a heel because of his exceptionally high prey drive.  Having said that, it is possible to get a dog like this to walk nicely on leash, and to respect the person at the other end of the leash.  Here is an email from his owner, who has been working very diligently with him since his board and training program ended 1 week ago.

“WOW WHAT A GLORIOUS WALK!!  It’s amazing what 3 sharp lefts paired with the ecollar can do!  He was perfect…and like you said I didn’t even know he was back there!!!  We also moved the walk to the street today…eliminating the smells of the grass and making my life easier to make the lefts.  I can’t believe how much better. …it was so pleasurable.    GOD BLESS… YOU!  and to think…I was dreading taking him…shame on

Thanks again!”

Update on Tyce the German Shorthaired Pointer from Chester Springs, PA

September 22, 2017

Here’s an email update from Tyce’s owner:

Tyce is doing well. We have seen great improvement, but we are continually working on things. We are trying to stay consistent with him the best we can.  He can be stubborn at times with place.  He is a wonderful walker and does excellent off leash. We try to do off leash training daily. He recently went on a field trip with a friend hiking and she was impressed with his off leash skills despite not knowing her well. We still struggle with jumping at times but it is greatly improved.

Thank you again for laying the ground work.

Rhoda the German Shepherd learned how to process her emotions and make better choices

September 21, 2017

When Rhoda, the German Shepherd, from Phoenixville, PA, first came to me for her 2 week board and train, she was in full-diva mode and was in no mood for training, and threatened to bite me several times.  I had to take things very slowly with her, and after 3 days, I won her over.  I had muzzle conditioned her during that time, because I thought it was going to be necessary, but she came around and started to enjoy the training (and I think she even liked me!).  She did a great job at her go home sessions with her owners.  I taught them the skills they needed to continue her training, and we spent a lot of time talking about advocacy for her (because she is reactive and fearful), structure in the home and boundaries, all of which will help Rhoda to become a more balanced dog.  We finally took a walk in their neighborhood, and Rhoda faced a lot of challenges and handled them like a champ.  You can see some of that video on my Facebook page.

Below is a review from my clients:

“Tina has helped us with our 10 month old german shepherd, Rhoda, and we are so very grateful. Ro struggles with fear of strangers and has a strong dislike of other dogs, which leads to her being a very reactive dog. To top it all off she has a bit of a diva attitude. Tina’s patience with Ro really meant a lot to us. Working with Tina has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions whenever they may arise. Her positive outlook was a real comfort to us as we moved through the process. She has provided us with tools that will allow us to help Ro continue to become more confident as she grows. We highly recommend her to all!!! Thank you Tina!”

There were 100 people in the yard, and NO BARKING

July 31, 2017

Here is an email testimonial on the bonker and how it changed my clients’ day to day interactions with their dog, Baxter the Boxer from Philly:

We took your advice and made a bonker to use on Baxter for any annoying behavior. Baxter is a fence leaner and barker when the neighbors are in their yards. This is attention getting rather than protective, as he stops barking when the neighbor talks to him, but nonetheless, it’s still annoying. We introduced the bonker when the neighbor had a graduation party with over 100 people, including children, music and sports, and NO BARKING.

In addition, regarding the sled pulling on walks, I started choking up on the leash and walking more authoritatively, rather than stroll and he will remain at my side the entire walk or 95% (still wants to break after wild animals and check out other dogs).

We are also using the crate more (usually after feeding and walking in morning and if we will be out of the house for a few hours. He negotiates first by going to his place but then will go in the crate.

Thanks for the video.
Wayne and Linda

We now have the tools and training to stop unwanted behavior

July 28, 2017

Here is Baxter the boxer from Philly. We turned to Tina and Stat K9 Training (after Baxter graduated from 3 puppy programs). We were at our wits end. He was jumping, dragging us down the street on walks, and negotiating our commands.

After a 2 week board and train Baxter now has a structured peaceful one hour walk daily, holds or waits at thresholds, and enters his place and crate on command. Tina provided us with clear instructions and videos on how to move down the road for continued success with our dog.

We now have the tools and training to stop unwanted behavior.  We are now working on greetings with our 8 grandchildren with the understanding that we are the dogs advocate. Also, Tina has graciously offered to answer any questions moving forward by email as well as a follow-up training session when we are ready to do so. Thank you Tina !

Belle can stay in her home now!

July 24, 2017

My client, Jennifer, really strutted her stuff in our go home session yesterday!  Belle, the Blue Picardy Spaniel from Radnor, PA, is in a much better mental place and her owners are committed to following through so Belle can stay in her home.  There are no more crate problems (she used to dog break out of crates and required a bungee cord to keep her secure, she was a constant flight risk and had no manners and no boundaries.

According to her owner status post board and train, “Belle has been amazing–she’s like a whole new dog.  She went from being rude, not having manners, counter surfing, to escaping every chance she gets, to being calm at the door, listening to what we say, respecting our boundaries and relaxing in her place while we eat meals, so we can enjoy our family time without having to worry about her stealing food off of our plates.  Now she has earned her right to stay in the family.”

Our board and train program includes teaching dogs and people.  You and your dog will have a fresh start, and the energy in the home will shift to a calm place, which will allow for the work to continue when your dog comes home.  When you and your dog complete the board and train program, you will have the skills and knowledge to proceed, because it is never just about the dog.  It’s about the relationship between the animal and the human.  At STAT K9 Training, we love to advocate for our dogs and show them better ways to handle things, and also to empower people by teaching them skills and giving them solutions.  Want more info?  Fill out a contact us form today!

Ever since we had you to our house we have seen such improvements with his behaviors

July 10, 2017

This is what my client Kristen had to say recently regarding her 5 month old Golden Retriever puppy, who she thought would have to be rehomed due to his resource guarding and lack of boundaries.  She also sent along the above picture of him working on his place command.  Even puppies can learn to relax and build impulse control.

One other side note about this dog: before Kristen hired me, she worked with a pure positive trainer who told her to never tell her puppy “no” because it would somehow damage the dog.  I am here to tell you that information is not only bad advice, it borders on negligent, because a puppy who is never told no, then grows up to be a dog with issues.  This puppy had become a resource guarder, which is a very easy behavior to fix, if you correct the dog the minute the behavior starts.  Bentley now understands the word “no” and he is a better canine citizen because of it.  Just like the people in our lives, we have to teach our dogs boundaries, and we must hold them accountable when they do not respect them.

My client sees that the Ecollar works

July 6, 2017

Below is an email update on Oakley, the Mastiff, from the Spring City, PA.  It goes to show that follow through means so much, but as long as you put the work in, the results will come.

Tina- Things have been going quite well overall. I have definitely been out wiling Oakley. Day one was rough, testing limits and seeing if we were going to follow through. I am. I have been using the tools and all seem to be working. I do have to dial up outside when he is distracted. Walks are great, no issues there. The kids will be back Sunday evening, so that’s when the true test will come. They have stopped by individually and have been following my request to not engage with him and so far so good. I definitely felt bad in the beginning using the ecollar, not any more. I got it and I see that it works. I think I still need to find the right numbers, I keep experimenting based on what you showed me. Dial up and down depending. I think he knows I mean business. Thank you and I look forward to our next visit.


They thought they would have to rehome one of their rescue dogs

July 5, 2017

Erin and John came to me seeking advice for their 2 dogs, Bandit and Gilligan.  They were both rescues, Bandit, was the most recent addition to the household (February), and things were not going well.  Also, they had recently moved twice, so things were in upheaval as far as the dogs were concerned.  I met with the couple, and showed them some basic tools, and empowered them by advising that aggressive behavior needs to be squashed immediately, and I showed them how.  We talked about all of tools and strategies that they could use going forward, and they also learned how to do some state of mind work, such as the place command and the structured walk.  Sometimes little changes can lead to huge changes in behavior.  Below is Erin’s email on their progress:

Thank you so much for your time today and all the tips to help my dogs and John and I be better dog owners. Gilligan and Bandit have been out and about with supervision and practicing the place command and there have been no fights and are listening better than I could ever imagine. I am so grateful that you have given us tools to improve our household and allow both dogs to be out at the same time. We are teaching them with the place command that the couch, bed and laps are not for dogs and they have been sitting in their spots while we have company over and watching tv.  I thought I was going to have to re home one of my dogs which was one of my biggest fears but with the tools you gave us I think we will be ok.

Shamrock knows his place in the family now

May 6, 2017

Here is an update on Shamrock, the 1 year old German Shepherd from Collegeville, PA.  It’s important to contrast the before and after.  The first time I spoke with my client about a possible board and train, she equated the severity of his behavioral problems to a “house burning down”, and that things had reached critical mass.  He had been through many training classes already, and clearly the methods were not sticking.

When I met Shamrock, he was behind a gate in the kitchen, jumping and barking so wildly. He had every intention of breaking down the gate to get to me.  He was an escape artist, leaping fences, wiggling out of crates and bolting out of doors any chance the opportunity presented itself.  My client works from home, and she told me that Shamrock would bark at her constantly and mouth her hands (imagine trying to work with that going on), and he simply could not settle down and turn off.

Below are some updates from both of Shamrock’s owners.  He clearly has an off switch now, and things are looking a lot brighter.  For more on how we train, go through our website and head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to follow our daily updates!

Rags is now Refined

April 17, 2017

Rags the Pitbull from Norristown, PA, is now home with his owners after a board and train with us.  Their dedication to him will make this board and train all that more successful.  When owners follow through, I know the dog will succeed.  Brian and Cortney started doing the work long before they ever called me, and when they did call me and I went to their home, I could see their desire to make this dog better.  They both picked up the Ecollar beautifully and so did Rags.  He had a week of Ecollar training before he came to us for his B&T, and boy did it make a difference.  This high energy, entitled, attitudinal brat, fell in line so fast with the program, and did everything that was expected of him.

He can now handle a crate for long hours at a time, is mentally conditioned to handle “place” for hours at a time, which has helped him cultivate a calm state of mind, and he understands the command “quiet” for those times when he can’t help but beg for attention by whining and barking.  He also knows not to jump, but even if he can’t help himself, he knows the “off” command and responds to it by keeping the paws on the floor.  Not only that, but he walks like a prince on leash, and he should be off leash ready for Wildwood this summer once his owners hit the beach!  Finally, any residual bad behaviors that he has will fade over time with the duration work that we teach here at STAT K9 Training.  I just know in my heart that Brian and Cortney are going to be rock star owners and Rags is going to be an exemplar for all dogs, especially pitbulls, who often times unfairly get a bum rap.  Way to go guys–I am very impressed and proud of you!

I just had my first solo walk with Biggee

March 28, 2017

Biggee the Rottweiler is a 110 pound stray that my clients, Dave and Amanda, adopted.  He had no obedience, no focus, was an adrenalized mess on walks, and took over the household.  Their cat lived in fear all of the time, and they were unable to have guests over to visit.  After a 3 week board and train, which included a solid foundation in obedience, an understanding of leadership (dog looks to human for guidance and permission), structure and rules, plus conditioning to the Ecollar, my clients are on their way to a happy, healthy and respectful relationship with Biggee.  Stay tuned for continued updates on his progress.  See the above post from his owner on her first walk with Biggee since his return home.  I am here as a resource for my clients even after the dog returns home.  I am here to support and guide those people who want to continue to improve their relationship with their dog.

He comes to me and sits when I command

March 20, 2017

George the Labradoodle from Royersford, PA, just completed a 2 week board and train with us.  He is a 6 month old adolescent who would bark constantly for his owners’ attention, pulled like a sled dog on leash, was crazy in the household, and had a penchant for eating socks.  His owners wanted him to have manners and good behavior, which we instilled in him during his 2 week stay.  They also wanted him off leash ready for the beach this summer, so we conditioned him to a remote collar, and got him off leash ready.  Here is a post from our clients who had him off leash just 1 week after they took him home:

“The Ecollar works great!  He gets to run around like crazy, and then comes to me, and sits when I give him the command.  Thanks for all of your help!”

George learned a foundation of obedience in his 2 weeks with us, he also learned how to be calm on command, and his state of mind greatly improved from one of crazy to one of calm.  He is now able to be in the same room with his owners and just chill on his own.  He also learned to socialize with other dogs and people.  He used to get super excited to the point where he would lose his mind, but we coached him through many challenging scenarios and now his default behavior is that of a calm state of mind.  George also learned to walk by his owners’ side and is no longer pulling like a sled dog.  When he went home to his owners he was prepped for off leash fun, and one week after being at home, he was running the fields off leash and looking like a very happy dog!

No more potty accidents and she can relax

February 8, 2017

 When I first met Junior, the Shih Tzu puppy (Collegeville, PA), she was having major potty issues in the house, chewed on slippers, had full run of the house, did not know basic commands, and was bossy with the older dog.

Her owner’s, Alfred and Liping were committed, and began training her every day based on my teachings, and soon Junior began to listen and follow commands.  She also started to show a calmer side, and her owner’s learned to advocate for the older dog, and taught Junior to stay out of his space.

The accidents in the house disappeared and overall she is a much better, more well-behaved dog.  My clients have done a wonderful job following through on the training, and it shows in Junior’s progress.

He is like a different dog

January 26, 2017

Cooper, a 7 month old English Bulldog, started out in a rough situation, and lucky for him, he was adopted by Liz and Scott, who recognized he needed help before his bad attitude turned into something more serious.  Some of his issues were pulling on leash (walks were a nightmare), barking for attention, food aggression, jumping and overall refusing to listen.  The only command he knew was SIT, and even that was questionable.

During his 2 week board and train, Cooper learned to walk nicely on leash (no pulling allowed and no reacting to anything during the walks).  He learned all of the basic obedience commands, learned recall and is very close to being off leash and able to recall.  Cooper got past a lot of his fears and learned how to be calm even under stress, which was a huge boost for his confidence.

Liz and Scott initially told me their goal was to have him fit into their pack of dogs (they have 3 altogether).  On his first day home from the board and train, Liz texted me to say, “Tina, he is like a different dog!  So well-mannered and we are now going on our second walk.  Thank you!”  She went on to tell me that, “Cooper is currently in place while Harry is eating dinner in the same room!”  Harry is one of Scott and Liz’s other dogs, and before the board and train, Cooper would devour his food and then go after the other dogs’ food.  Liz said that she now puts 2 of her 3 dogs in place t the same time and it is a “happy house.”

You can expect a total shift in the mentality of your dog when you do a board and train.  Obedience commands are not what I teach.  I teach state of mind work and how to make your dog relax and assimilate into a home, rather than everyone in the home adjusting to the dog.  I also teach the owners how to continue this training once the dog comes home.  If your dog has issues, big or small, fill out the Contact Us form to set up your free evaluation!

I am so proud of the accomplishments we have made

January 26, 2017

I wanted to thank you so very much for the continued support you provide to me and Izzy.

I had a puppy in my 20’s and thought I could train him. That turned out to be a disaster.

Now that I am older and wiser, I knew I needed professional help. You started us with some basic skills to use every day and built upon that as Izzy and I were ready.

I truly appreciate your guidance in between.

In addition, your “how to” videos act as a reminder when we lose focus or patience.

You have convinced me from the start that training is for me and Izzy, as is the need for consistency and patience.

I am so proud of the accomplishments we have made in such a short period of time.

We look forward to our next learning experience!

Thanks again,
Ginny and Izzy
Collegeville, Pa

I am a much happier, more sane dog owner now…

January 26, 2017

April 2017 Update!  I recently had a follow up with Kevin and Megan of Abington, PA, Baxter’s owners.  They told me he is like a different dog, that his demeanor is so much calmer than ever before, and he can actually play with the cat, who at one time was his nemesis.  The things that used to cause him to explode, usually other dogs, are not much of an issue anymore.  He still has some areas of needed improvement but those bumps in the road will get filled in and smoothed over because he has owners who put in the work and who follow up with me from time to time for some tune up work.  I love my clients who stay in touch because they show me that they are working hard, and I will never give up on a person or a dog who is working to get their stuff sorted out and in a better place.  Megan, Kevin and Baxter, keep doing the work, because it’s paying off!  See below for the original testimonial:

I have a 2 year old rescue Shiba Inu, Terrier, Daschund mix, Baxter, who I was having some serious issues with. Baxter had anxiety and serious leash reactivity, which was getting more and more severe as he got older. We had gone through almost every collar, leash, and training video on the market, and we still were not seeing lasting results. Taking Baxter to the park, or even just down the street, became an embarrassing nightmare. Whenever a dog was within several hundred feet, he’d lunge, growl, and bark viciously. It made me anxious and stressed just to walk him, and that was only making our situation worse. One day while on a short walk in our neighborhood, Baxter pulled so hard that he slipped out of his collar, running away from us and towards a Beagle across our busy street. Things could have gone really badly. We knew then that something had to change in order for us to keep our dog and our sanity.

Thankfully, that is where Tina and Stat K9 Training came into the picture. I spoke with Tina about the issues we were having with Baxter, and she came to our house to do an evaluation that week. She spoke with us about what we wanted in our dog, and listened to our issues. We took Baxter for a walk and came back with a plan of how to fix his reactivity, and assured us that we could do it. We signed up for 5 sessions with Tina, and saw a massive improvement after the very first session. She is always on hand whenever we have any issues in between sessions, by email, text or phone. Tina even made videos of proper training techniques so we could revisit them throughout the week. We are now able to take Baxter for walks and to the park without issue, and with much less stress. She gave us the tools we needed to tackle the leash reactivity, and to manage it before it starts. I am a much happier, saner dog owner now. I can’t recommend Tina enough. We’re all so happy with the results!

Megan & Kevin, and Baxter
Abington, Pa

Working with Tina has been a rewarding experience

December 5, 2016

My little Oliver loves Tina!!!  She is so good with him. Tina has taught him so many commands that he and I use every day! Working with Tina has been a rewarding experience. If you are looking for a dog trainer, I highly recommend Tina Benson.

Deb and Oliver

Tina taught both my dog and I…

December 5, 2016

Tina Benson is emerging as one of the area’s top dog trainers.

My 2 year-old Belgian Malinois male recently spent two weeks with Tina doing an intensive board and train. Prior to this I was strongly leaning towards returning him to the breeder. He was extremely skittish, unpredictable and generally terrified of my 3 sons and my husband. I had been attempting to acclimate him on my own but his behaviors were worsening. I was truly at my wits end!

During the two week period he was with Kristina, she worked on multiple things including crate training and basic recall. She used an e-collar during this time extensively to reinforce some of the techniques she was teaching. At the end of the two week session she then spent several hours with me reinforcing some of the techniques she had been using with him.

I must say that my dog made considerable progress while working with Tina and clearly was a more confident dog. I feel much more capable of dealing with some of his eccentricities using some of the tools and techniques Tina taught both my dog and I. She has continued to follow up with me on a regular basis to ensure his training is continuing to progress.

I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend the services of Tina Benson!

Marybeth G

He is truly like a new boy…

December 5, 2016

This is quite possibly the best money I have ever spent! Rigby is doing great. Thank you again so much! He is truly like a new boy. This has taken so much stress off of my plate, and now we can enjoy our boy the way that I pictured it when I got him.

Georgia and Rigby

His owner no longer has to be afraid

December 5, 2016

“Tina you have helped me so much with Sarge. There was a time when I could not walk Sarge, or he would walk me!! The worst of it was when he would chase cars and drag me along for it all. That was a very scary time, but thanks to you, I am in control and it feels great!”

Sarge was awful on leash, but in just a couple of sessions along with the prong collar, Sarge learned to walk by his owner’s side and ignore the cars driving by. He no longer chases cars and his owner no longer has to be afraid when she puts his leash on.

Cris L. & Sarge
Kimberton, PA

You’re doing an awesome job

December 5, 2016

“Good morning I’m glad Gatsby had a good night. You’re doing an awesome job keeping us up to date as well as taking care of my little baby! Thank you!”

Boarding at STAT K9 training is as close to home as it gets when you have to leave your dog behind. Boarding includes daily walks, play sessions and socialization with my 2 dogs (under strict supervision and only if deemed safe by me). You will receive a text update daily, along with photo. We know what it’s like to leave your furry loved ones behind, and we strive to make it safe, fun and cozy for your pet while you are gone.

Trappe, PA

Now he can be walked like a normal dog…

December 5, 2016

“Thanks for the help with Cooper. We took him for a walk and he was so much better. Wish we would have done this sooner.”

Cooper is a burly chocolate lab who was notorious for dragging and pulling his owner’s all over the place. Once he was introduced to the prong collar and taught to heel, he could finally be walked like a normal dog.

See before and after videos on my webpage or go to YouTube.

Carol, Mark and Cooper
Skippack, PA