Pepper from Phoenixville, Pa is a Changed Dog

So overdue but Pepper has been home for a month now. She is a changed dog. Still a good natured little girl but her issues have been corrected thanks to you. She is so good on leash with walks and responds to heel, sit when we stop and does her business when we say break. We don’t even need the remote anymore with the walks but still carry it. 

With the separation anxiety that has improved so much. It seems the issue was when we were in the house and not being left alone. Tested her a few times and went to the window before we went somewhere and she just took a nap in her crate. I never had to use the bonker. All I said was “enough” and showed it to her and she stopped whining when we were in the house. It seems the more freedom we gave her in the house the better she got but it did take some time. We understood that we had to do the work too. 

The othe thing is that she knew where her boundaries were in the yard and never broke it. We set her up for the poop issue a couple of more times. She got corrected and hasn’t done it since. We had a clear view and could see her in the backyard. If she put her nose down she got a check. 

Pepper does not rush the front door anymore or the back door. After a few checks she learned. So guests can come in and she doesn’t go crazy. We did use the command and the remote until she got it. The other thing is that she was so good with going on place. At first used the remote on level six and she immediately jumped on the pet cot. Now she loves it and puts herself on place all the time. We never had to use the back tie. For some reason she loves that cot and her bed under the chair. She won’t leave until we say break even though she put herself on place. The out command is really effective. She responds immediately and walks away from whatever she is not supposed to do. 

Life is so much better thanks to you. We have our freedom back and Pepper has always been a bright happy little dog but a bit ballistic but now it’s all controlled. We have bragging rights in our development because she is so well behaved. Trust me, there are several dogs that could use your training. Hopefully some owner will use our recommendation. 

Oh I forgot….we barely have to use the remote. We just pick it up and show it to her and say “do we have to push the button” and she does what you trained her to do. It’s hard not to laugh. 

So again thank you for the effective training with Pepper. You really do have a gift. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial for your website. And thank you again. I’ll keep you updated but so far so great!!

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