Our goal is to be your go-to dog training company for all things dog, whether training, boarding, or free ongoing education through our monthly community events where you and your pup can sharpen your skills under the watchful eye and direction of our lead trainer and founder, Tina Benson, and her training assistants, Chase the Labradoodle, and Phoenix, the Goldendoodle.

We work with all behavior problems, from aggression to separation anxiety, as well as manners and obedience.”  We specialize in training family dogs to have a calm state of mind, using low level E-collar technology paired with prong collar to get the fastest, most lasting results. Let us instill the foundation in your dog, so you can have a life filled with happiness and good times with your dog right at your side.

I’m Tina Benson, head trainer and owner/operator of STAT K9 Training. I am a Registered Nurse by vocation and a dog trainer by passion!  STAT means now, and I use it in my business because my clients often need immediate assistance in getting their dog in a better head space. I know that feeling all too well, because several years ago I brought home 2 puppies (littermates) but had no idea what to do with them—I didn’t even have a crate!  In no time at all, they took over my home and nearly ruined it, and me, in the process. I was thinking of returning the dynamic duo until someone suggested a dog trainer. That was the start of my journey into dog training. I empathize with your struggle because I was once in your shoes, and my 2 dogs and I are proof that you can make any bad situation better!

I’m a balanced trainer, which means I use tools to help with training, and I also teach dogs the difference between yes and no.  I don’t just work with dogs though.  I teach people to become aware of their interactions with their dogs, because that is the starting point for change.  Once we become aware, we can never go back to that place where we were unaware.

Tina Benson, Founder/Lead Trainer