Can You Stop a Dog From Resource Guarding?

Resource Guarding is usually seen over people, toys and food.  Even after training, do not expect the dog to stop this behavior.  You have to stop the behavior by first anticipating it,

Dealing With Unpredictable Dogs

I often hear stories about dogs who used to be sweet, but “suddenly” turned into aggressive monsters.  People understandably want the “old” version of their dog back, but that’s not

Stop Talking So Much to Your Dog!

If you want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or something else, then top talking to your dog.  This is so simple that most

Is Growling a Problem? 

When your dog growls, it means he’s got stinkin’ thinkin’! Some trainers say ignore the growl, because at least you’ll know when the dog is going to bite.  That’s wrong! 

The Crate Is Not a Sin Bin! 

So often owners tell me they crate their dogs only when the dog gets into trouble.  The crate is a tool that, if used properly, can and will prevent your

Resource Guarding & Aggression in Small Dogs

Lately I’ve had a lot of resource guarding, human aggressive dogs with owners are at their wits end.  Interestingly, these dogs are all toy breeds—less than 15 pounds, all of

Give Your Dog a Job for Better Behavior

Teaching your dog this one thing will change his/her life, and yours!  It’s called the place command.  Place is the foundation command for teaching dogs to settle down and turn