Nutrition & Your Dog’s Health

If your dog has ADHD (inability to focus), aggressive behavior, gas, body odor, excess shedding, hot spots, red skin, dry skin, nail fungus, yeasty ears and paws, constantly licking or

Crating is Kind

STAT Tip of the Day Lately I’ve received lots of questions about the crate. People sometimes feel it’s inhumane to crate their dog for long periods of time, if at

Your dog and you are a joint venture.

The relationship component cannot be avoided and you need to examine where you are as a unit in order to move to a better space. Sending your dog away for

Does Your Dog Stink?

What to do if your dog is stinkin’ from the inside out. Try a probiotic. The first option i recommend is raw apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”), AKA ACV–I