Give Your Dog a Job for Better Behavior

Teaching your dog this one thing will change his/her life, and yours!  It’s called the place command.  Place is the foundation command for teaching dogs to settle down and turn off.  It means go to you designated place (usually a pet cot) and stay there until I say break.  The place command develops an off switch in your dog, and should be practiced daily for 15 to 90 minutes (this is the duration part, which is where the real impulse control begins and where the magic happens in shifting the state of mind of the dog).  Place with duration is all about creating a calm state of mind, which translates to an off switch for your dog.  As your dog improves with the place command, you should be adding in more distractions, like letting the other dogs out (but don’t let them bother the dog who is working on place), or maybe you are going from one room to another and doing things—these are distractions, and your dog is learning to deal with them by staying on the “meditation mat.”  By the time private lessons are done, your dog will be doing 90 minutes of place with duration every day.  Just like you have to go to work every day, give your dog a job to do daily so it has a rock solid off switch.

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