Stop Talking So Much to Your Dog!

If you want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or something else, then top talking to your dog.  This is so simple that most people miss it.  Humans are verbal but dogs are not, so if you want a better relationship with your dog, one where he/she listens to you, looks to you for guidance and trusts that you have his/her back, you first must speak dog language, which is not with a bunch of words.  

Here is your one week challenge: become aware of what you say to your dog and how often you string together sentences and paragraphs.  Simple one word commands are all your dog needs.  One other thing, check the excitement and baby talk at the door because it erodes your relationship with your dog, especially if you’ve got a an anxious/insecure canine.  Keep the communication short and simple.  

Lastly, watch out for the energy you bring when you interact with your dog.  There’s always one softie in every house–nothing wrong with that because softies have the biggest hearts, but heart is not what a troubled dog needs.   Instead, embody assertive and calm energy to get through to your dog-even if you have to fake it til you make it.  Try this for the next seven days and you’ll be surprised at the changes you will see!

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